BlueHost Web Hosting Reviews – Recommended Best Web Hosting

One of the oldest web hosting provider company, Bluehost remains on the top ten list of the best web hosting provider since 1996. Now, they have achieved the #1 position among all web host due to their dedicated service and best support. This Bluehost review is aimed at discovering the secrete of being #1 of web hosting service.

Blue host is recommended as the best web hosting by many web masters. Using their service, you will never face any bad experience due to server down of Bluehost. The excellent customer support is always beside you to help in any kind of issues.

Bluehost web hosting reviews

More than 2 millions of websites are now hosted on Bluehost as it is one of the best and affordable hosting solutions. Here, I would like to provide you clear and transparent information regarding Bluehost so that you can make a perfect decision of whether you should choose Bluehost or not.

Bluehost Reviews

Bluehost is one of the popular and biggest web hosting companies. Bluehost offers 4 different kinds of web hosting packages in which WordPress and Shared hosting plans are more popular. See the complete bluehost review to learn more about the web hosting quality and bluehost’s service.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

All web hosting companies do have pros and cons. There is no single one you could find that have no cons. Similarly, I would like to state the pros as well as cons of bluehost so that you can make a comparison with other companies whether it is acceptable or not.

Bluehost reviews


First have a look on the pros of Bluehost.

  • Best in Speed – Look how long the Bluehost server will take to load your web page. It will take only 1.13 sec. Now the average loading speed of bluehost reaches 427ms. It becomes the 3rd fastest hosting server among all web host providers.


  • Strongest Uptime Guarantee – In terms of providing uptime, Bluehost is the champion. Uptime is one of the main factors that qualify a website. Low uptime means your website may face down time. It can affect in the ranking of your website. Luckily, Bluehost provides the strongest and best uptime guarantee in the web host industries. Though it is impossible to keep 100% uptime, Bluehost keeps 99.99% uptime guaranteed and sometimes it can provide 100% uptime.


  • Lower Pricing – Though Bluehost is not the cheapest web hosting provider, the price is affordable and lower than other host companies. The best quality available at comparatively low price makes Bluehost as the most desired web hosting. Bluehost offers monthly price as low as $2.95 per month for new customers.


  • Security & Reliabilty – In terms of reliability, bluehost the most trusted brand. They are highly reliable and have got the most secured hosting solution. Bluehost offers some tools to enhance your site security and prevent unwanted spamming risks.  Examples of these tools are spam hammer, spam assassin, and spam experts. They also provide DDoS protection by CLoudFlare tool to prevent spam and fake traffic. Bluehost also integrates different layaers of protection and security to keep you protected. You can activate two-factor authentication system to protect your Bluehost account.

Bluehost security

  • Officially Recommended Host – recently has updated their partnership and recommended companies and made a short list of their favorite host providers. They have chosen 3 companies as their recommended hosting provider. Bluehost, SIteGround, and Dreamhost have the honor of being recommended host.


  • Easy User Interface – Bluehost has developed and designed their cPanel simple and easy that can be very friendly for beginners. This easy user interface lets you get access of your websites and email address management from one place. You can customize your cPanel layout according to your choice and make it fit for your specific needs.


  • 30 Day FREE Trial and Money Back Guarantee – It is a great feature of Bluehost that it gives opportunity to test their services FREE for 30 days. Even when you purchase any plan and you find it not suitable for you, you can claim your money within 30 days of purchasing. There are some terms and conditions applied when you will claim your money. For example – money back guarantee is not applicable for add-on services like domains, any plugin etc.

Cons of Bluehost

Having so many good criteria, Bluehost still has some cons that should be solved for more accuracy and better performance. Here are some of cons I have noticed with Bluehost web hosting.

  • Customer support Team should be More Knowledgeable – There is nothing to say about the responsiveness of customer support team of Bluehost. They are very fast to respond and reliable too. But I think, the representatives should have more technical knowledge to solve queries of the customers.


  • Lowest Price is only for 3 Years Plan – Though the introductory price is cheaper ($2.75 per month), it is only applicable for 3 years plan not with all plans. If you want to buy a 1 year plan, then the price will jump up to $4.95 per month.


  • Need to Install Add-ons – All add-on services are not installed and the installation is not free. Even Site migration is not free when many web host companies provide it completely free.

Bluehost Pricing & Plans

Bluehost provides total four webhosting packages.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Among all these, the shared hosting plan is more popular and the cheapest one. The prices I have shown you in my review are introductory price. These are not applicable for renewal plans.

Bluehost pricing

In Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan – there are three options for you from which to choose the yours one.

  1. Basic Plan –

Starts only with $2.95 per month in three years plan. In this plan, you can host maximum one website. One FREE domain and FREE SSL is included. Unmetered bandwidth with 50 GB SSD storage comes up with standard performance. You can park 5 domains in this hosting and create 25 subdomains.  5 eamil accounts with 100 MB storage for each can be added.

  1. Plus Plan –

Starts only with $5.45 per month in three years plan. In this plan, you can host UNLIMITED websites. One FREE domain and FREE SSL is included.Bandwidth and  SSD storage is UNMETERED and come up with standard performance. You can park UNLIMITED domains in this hosting and create UNLIMITED subdomains and email accounts. $200 credit for marketing is included as BONUS for you. For more security, Spam Expert is FREE.

  1. Choice Plus, The Recommended Plan –

All features like “PLUS” plan with some extras like one domain privacy and COdeGuardBasic Site Backup.

This is recommended as it has more features at the same price. So, why will you miss it? You should make the right choice with “Choice Plus”.

The Sum UP

Taste something new and experience something better with Bluehost. Make sure that your website has more power. Hosting your site at Bluehost, get your traffic satisfied with it.

Don’t worry about the price. If you research, you will get all industries with nearly at the same. But all of them would not give you the same performance.

How to get? The sign up process is very simple in Bluehost. It will take only 5 minutes.

How to pay? All major payment methods are accepted including major master cards and Paypal. You have to select 3 years plan minimum. There is no hidden charge. Only pay for your plans and necessary add-ons.

We do recommend Bluehost for excellent service. They are the best overall in the web hosting industry