A2 Hosting Reviews – The Fastest Web Hosting Brand

Do you need a faster web host? Are you looking for a super fast experience with your website? Looking for the best product at affordable price?

A2 hosting might be the best choice for you. I love a2 hosting because of its “high powered hosting” and “turbo servers”. These two combinations will give your website a turbo speed.  A2 hosting says that they are 20x faster than any web hosts.

A2 hosting has achieved plenty of awards as “The Top Web Hosting”. They are now one of the top ten web hosts and remain top for last 10+ years. They provide the best up time (99.99%) guarantee. Besides these,, if you face any kinds of problem, the “Guru Crew” team of a2 is available to you at 24/7.

A2 hosting not only focuses on their business but also become a good friend of environment and committed to Green Energy Program. A2 has become carbon neutral since 2007.

Being a beginner, if you are looking for a reliable hosting for your blog or website, my recommendation is a2 hosting. If you are not willing to buy it right now, then keep it in your list and take a look on my in depth a2 hosting review to get information about a2 hosting.

A2 Hosting Reviews

A2 Hosting Review

A2 hosting is the name of a highly powered and trusted web host brand. A2 comes up to the top because of their effort in upgrading and improving services compared to other web hosts. The goal of a2 hosting is to build such a web host that every web master will desire for it.

A2 provides the fastest page loading speed, best uptime, Free, SSD drives and site migration, unlimited data storage and transfer, Guru Crew Support, and 30 days money back guarantee at the cheapest price only $3.92 for a moth.

Is not it surprising?

I think it is.  There are more amazing gifts waiting for you. Let me describe them all.

Pros of a2 Hosting

A2 hosting claims that they are the best in providing speed, uptime and customer support. Do they?

Fine, let’s have a look how they are providing the best solutions. Why they are the BOSS in web host industry?

Fastest Speed

Of course, all of us would be happy to impress our website visitors with the fastest page loading speed. Visitors do not like those websites that take too long time to response. Rather visiting your website, visitors then go to another which loads faster.

A2 hosting has noticed the matter and pays most priority in improving speed. For this purpose, a2 upgrades their Solid State Drives to perform better and serve 20x faster loading speed (368ms) than other web hosts.

Best Uptime Guarantee

One of the prime areas of consideration before selecting a webhost is its uptime quality. A2 claims their uptime is almost 99.99% on average. In fact, I can say from my experience and research with my website for 6 months that it is more than 99.99%. Maximum time you will find it 100%, sometime may be 99.99%.

The uptime will not be affected by overwhelming of traffic in your website. Rather it will enhance on further visit through caching of information to visitors browser.

Security and Backup

Security has got the first question when you think about your website. Your data should be safe and secured. All data centres of a2 are SSAE16 certified. A2 hosting provides security tools with their hosting plan, one of which is HackScan and another is dual web hosting Firewall. These security tools will work for virus scanning and continuous security monitoring. A2 manages these tools on background so that you can have relaxation and peace in mind that your website is secured.

The CLoudFlare option will help you find the best solution of security. CLoudFlare will give you comment spam, content scraping, and reputation based threat protection. For advanced security, Free SSL is included with all plans.

Besides providing security, they will keep your data backed up. A2 hosting automatically keeps data back up to help their customers with no loss of data.

a2 hosting pros and cons

Guru Crew Support

You already may have heard about the a2 customer support. A2 hosting called it “Guru Crew” support.

It cannot be denied that they are really “Guru” in terms of their services and availability. From anywhere, anytime, you need help, just knock them. They are dedicated at your service.

You can get their help through live chat, by phone calls, emails, or simply submitting a ticket. The response time is comparatively better than others. They will take less than 3 minutes to respond.

Optimized Content Management System

If you are not a technical guy, you need not to be worried about management of your website. For your better performance, a2 hosting optimizes all content management systems and configures them to provide you the fastest speed and most secured settings.

optimized CMS of a2 hosting

All popular CMS are here ready for you to use. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto and others, all need just 1 click to install and set.

Free Account Migration

If your website has already hosted at another hosting, you can migrate it without paying a single cent to a2 hosting. You know what, site migration is a tiring and hassling task as well as time consuming too.

But a2 hosting customers need not to be worried about this fact. A2 team will help you in all tasks without charging for it whether other companies may charge you.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with a2 hosting? Or it seems to be expensive or anything else, for which you are not willing to continue with a2 hosting.

A2 ensures you to get your money back within 30 days. But not after.

This offer will not applicable for domain registration fees, SSl certificate, add-ons, or setup fees. These are not refundable.

Developer Option

Programmers will find a new experience with a2 hosting. They offer developer feature for those who love coding and programming.

Your a2 account will be always updated with latest version of all popular developer software. A2 was the first hosting provider who provided PHP7. In addition, you will get you performed with all database for example – MySQL, and hosting frameworks like – Perl Python and Ruby.

Minor Cons of A2 Hosting

Cons are not major. There are some minor cons that could be better. As there is nothing cent percent perfect things in the world, a2 is also not. However, with the fastest speed, best uptime, best customer support, the negligible cons are –

Relatively Expensive

Many may complain that the a2 hosting plans are costly than other companies. Like other web hosts, they have also tried to keep the price at the customer’s budget.

The reason for which they have to raise their prices is that no best thing is cheap. As they promise to give you the best service, they have to pay more for that. So, you should understand the matter of their high price.

Turbo is not Included with all Plan

Not only a2, almost all other web hosts have differences in between the cheapest and high paying plans. A2 also do so. The turbo feature which is responsible to boost your website’s speed is not included with the cheapest plan. The reason is simple. To get the best thing you should pay more.

A2 Hosting Pricing and Plans

A2 hosting provides Four different hosting solutions.

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

a2 hosting pricing plan

The Shared and VPS hosting is more popular than the rest two plans.

Shared Hosting Plan

In a2 shared hosting plan, there are both Linux and Windows hosting available. Both Linux and Windows hosting has three different plans.

Linux Hosting

Linux shared hosting plan a2 hosting

All Linux plans have some of the common features.

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • ControlPanel access.
  • FREE SSL certificate and SSD drives.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

The current prices are not regular and renewal price. To get the stated prices, use coupon code “ZIP51”.

The individual features are –




Starting at $3.92 per month


It is a great plan for a single website.


One website can be hosted.


Turbo is not included.

Starting at $4.90 per month


It is a great plan for more websites having 2x resources.


Unlimited website can be hosted.


Turbo is not included.

Starting at $9.31 per month


It is a great plan for a single website.


Unlimited websites can be hosted.


Turbo is included and get up to 20x faster speed.


A2 site accelerator is included.


Windows Hosting

Shared windows hosting

All features and services are similar to Linux hosting.

The additional Feature is “Plesk Onyx 17.8 Control Panel”.

The prices of the Windows shared hosting are a little higher than the Linux plans.



Starting at $4.90 per month



Starting at $5.88 per month



Starting at $10.78 per month